Community Connections

At St. Thomas Academy we strive for our students to acquire a sense of compassion and love for all people. It is important for the moral growth of a child that they witness and experience giving to those in need and in doing so with a kind heart. Our students gain a sense of global and community awareness by becoming stewards of the community.

Each year our students donated a large amount of nonperishable items to St. Vincent De Paul during our Catholic Schools Week and Annual Bundle Up Drive. The fourth and fifth grade students become stewards of their learning by delivering the donations to St. Vincent De Paul. Each student stock the shelves with the donated items and toured the facility. 

Every year we teach our children about compassion by caroling at assisted living facilities. The children prepare Christmas cards for seniors and spend time talking to the residents after their performance. It brings joy to the seniors to hear the songs they grew up with and to chat with wonderful children who are so jubilant to be in their presence. 

Sister Fortunata is the leader of the Catholic Community Connections Program. She has a gift for discovering those in need and bringing our students and families together to aide their need. When we show our students that we care, they learn to love.