Miss. Dolan’s Kindergarten class is full of learning and fun!

The students are given many opportunities to grow in their academics, social development, and imagination. The students have enjoyed learning new things such as sight words, patterns, plants, and many more. Kindergarten is a time in a child’s life when they begin to read independently. This not only excites me as the teacher but the student and their parents.

A favorite lesson amongst the students is a science unit on the five senses. In this unit, the students were able to explore the senses through taste, smell, touch, hearing, and sight. They really enjoy the smell and taste of different spices and foods. Another unit that really excites the students in languages arts is when we read the story Stone Soup. The students make their own class stone soup and write or draw about the ingredients.

The Kindergarten class is a community that continues to grow every day. The students become closer friends and strong collaborators through community building. We even have two exciting members in our Kindergarten community, our class pets, Flower and Toothless. These two pets are bearded dragon lizards that the students have come to really enjoy. Later on in the year, we plan to continue growing in both class community and academics. The students are constantly learning that school is both educational and fun!