Music Classes at St. Thomas Academy

Many Parents and Congregational members at St. Thomas have asked me this question: “Mrs. Parrish, what do you do in your music classes?” So, here is a very general lesson plan with goals and objectives that I follow as I am teaching music at St. Thomas Academy.

All students will experience the basic elements of music as they develop the following musical skills:

1. Listening skills:  All students are asked to focus with their eyes and ears, and be ready to participate in the musical activities for that particular day.  As listening skills are developed by the students, they will learn to identify various tone colors of instruments, including high and low tones.

 2. Singing skills:  All students are asked to sing melodies by echo singing various tones of a musical scale, moving by steps, leaps, or repeats. Students will then apply these skills as they sing various songs.

Students will also concentrate on singing harmony (two or more different tones sounding at the same time) as the students advance through their grade levels. Harmony is experienced by singing a round, canon, ostinato, or two partner songs.

 3. Rhythmic skills:  All students will be able to find the steady beat or pulse that is present in music.  Then they will be able to recognize the tempo or speed of the beat.  This is experienced through feeling and moving to the beat through various rhythmic activities such as echo clapping, walking, skipping, galloping, or playing rhythm sticks, drums, and other percussion instruments. 

Students will eventually learn to play and sing rhythm patterns of long and short sounds, which may be even or uneven sounds.  

4.  Playing Instruments: Students will learn to identify families of instruments and most students will learn to play percussion instruments. 4th and 5th Grade students will learn to play a recorder, which is a flute-like, melody instrument.

5.  Music Theory:  Students will learn basic note reading with pitches and note values as they progress through the various grade levels.

The enjoyment and love of music will always be the desired outcome as our St. Thomas Academy students participate in their music classes.

                                           By Patsy Parrish, Music Teacher at St. Thomas Academy