Pre Kindergarten

A Day in the Life of a Preschooler at STA

“I go straight to the gym to play an organized game
with my friends and teachers...they all know my name.”
“Then for prayer and Pledge we quiet our hearts,
“Mrs. Hayes leads the train as we sing on the way,
“I hang up my backpack in my cubby with care,
Then I sit on my carpet for a classroom prayer.”
“We start with a story about our theme of the week,
I use pictures and puppets while we take turns to speak.”
The ‘Alphabet March’ and letter sound precepts!”
“I learn to shape my letters with colored playdough,
Then I practice fine motor with writing what I know.”
“I love beading, cutting, sorting and making patterns with shapes,
Then it’s off to pretend with dress up and capes!”
“I use my imagination when I have an idea that is great,
“Whether painting with fingers or painting with brushes,
My imagination soars and my creativity rushes!”
While we write our names in white shaving cream!”
By Mrs. Mooney our Principal, She is so cool.”
Inviting Jesus into our day as it starts.”
To our classroom we go to learn and to play.”
“I practice my calendar and math concepts
The art center helps me to build and create.”
“I love using my senses as we work as a team,
“We like to sing songs and dancing too.
I move and I shake the whole day through.”
“If I need a new book to learn about animals or transportation,
Mrs. Manley will help us in the Library for any situation.”
“We learn our manners when it’s time for snack,
But first I wash my hands in the front and back.”
“Father Todd teaches us at Mass, to be reverent indeed,
To Love and know God with the Bible stories we read.”
“Discovery is always an important part of our day,
As we love to observe our world outside at play.”
“We have a great playground with lots to do.
I love swinging and sliding and sidewalk chalk too!”
“Sister and Grandma Loretta help me at lunch,
To open my food and encourage me to munch!”
“P.E. is a lot fun and always a blast,
With team sports, dancing, tumbling and running really fast!”
“Mrs. V.’s at the front desk to collect my field trip money paid,
“I like to sing with my voice during music time.
Mrs. Parrish teaches us songs to rhythm and rhyme.”
And a story with an author you might know by name.”
“Then we make sure that our classroom is neat and so clean,
So that Mr. Isom and Mr. V. say it’s the best they’ve seen!”
I have a smile ready for my family as they pick me up.”
Or If I am hurt and need a band aid.”
“We end our day with a large motor game
“We sing a song to say goodbye and line up,
“I thank Mrs. Hayes for a wonderful day,
And tell her I’ll see her again to say...”
“I love you and you love me
And I love my St. Thomas Academy!”

By June Marie Hayes