Religious Education

St. Thomas Academy offers Religious Education for grades Pre-K through 5th grade. Our lessons are designed and focused on teaching students, Biblical Concepts and Catholic Faith Formation. The aim is to:

  • Teach and implement the Religious education program based on the Ignatian Life and Faith Series Curriculum.

  • Promote the Catholic faith and values in the students.

  • Expose students to Community Service through the Catholic Community Connection Program.

The students are always excited and look forward to Religion Classes. Here they learn and appreciate God’s creation, how He created people in His own Image and how He loves and cares for the world; besides other concepts.  The goal is to help the students to know, love and serve God and neighbor through Biblical and Catholic Doctrine.

In Religion Classes, the curriculum is derived from the Ignatian Life and Faith Series. Each class has its own theme of the concepts taught. Students participate in different activities including coloring, painting crossword puzzles, drawing, reading, writing, games, singing, art and crafts projects, worksheets. These methods help students to internalize the concepts learned, besides having fun and developing various talents and skills according to different grade levels. The Ignatian Series is content-driven and it encourages parents to teach and or follow up with the worksheets for homework, so that their children can deepen the Catholic Faith and prepare well to receive the Sacraments.

Students are also taught Catholic Prayers, Sacraments and they have Holy Mass once a week for their spiritual nourishment.

In our Catholic Community Connections Program students often write cards, donate items and deliver to places several places including the homes for the elderly to sing and St. Vincent de Paul. This challenges them to express their solidarity and love for all.